Who we are

Yassine Kodssi is an emerging Moroccan talent. Coming from a long line of Marrakech Gnawa musicians, and following in the footsteps of his father Abdel-Jalil Kodssi, He is set to immerse himself in the international music scene, And introduce the world to this new eclectic blend of Gnawa, Jazz, Electro, and Classical Music.

These songs are all based on ancient Gnawa traditions, and were re-composed and re-vamped by Kodssi and Johno. The primary musical work, and the videos, were done on-site, in magnificent Marrakech. This production comes after years of work with European producer Johno, and features an amazing array of sounds, rhythms, and harmonies.


Johno is joined on the production by arranger and multi-instrumentalist Vagelis Stefanopoulos, Engineer Nikos Mixalodimitrakis, and fellow musicians Yoel Soto (on Bass), Sotiris Ntouvas, and Angelos Polychronou on Percussion. These widely varied tracks, also feature a string quartet, and even Vagelis’ extra-talented family on backing vocals (ife Kanelli Scalcoyannis and twin girls Dafni & Iliana Stefanopoulou). 

The Kodssi project is now available for booking, featuring a stunning combination of ancient moroccan tradition and modern European electro-jazz. Kodssi will be joined on-stage by a full rhythm section, and an assortment of traditional intruments and elements.